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Love for the city and for matcha latte

The love is real, the love for Noe Valley and our new apartment. Today, to be exact, we have spent 6 weeks in San Francisco. I'm amazed with how fast time has gone by. 

The first few weeks we dedicated to finding ourselves a new home. We viewed at least 10 apartments until we found our favorite. Located just off 24th street in Noe Valley. It's smaller than our flat in Dublin, but more than enough room for us both and with lots of sunshine. 

It's the first time that we decorate our home from the ground up. Best investment so far has to be this mattress from Casper. Catching up on some deep baby sleep lately. 

I love how changing jobs, apartments or country (or all at the same time) gives you a fresh look at your life and the routines you have established. It's the perfect opportunity to change it up a little (or a lot), eating more wholesome lunches, getting up earlier, be more tidy at home, or trying a new exercise routine.

One such change I've been looking to make is to stay productive without coffee. Yes fellow Swedes reading this, you heard me right. My mum loves it, my grandmother loves it even more. My dad calls it fox poison, but drinks it anyway. The Local explains it quite well here. The thing is, I'm not particularly fond of the highs and lows that comes with it. Or the headache that creeps up on you a day without it. 

For this reason, I've been trying to change out my daily cuppa for a matcha latte. Matcha is packed with antioxidants, detoxifies your body, rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins, and provides steady long lasting energy. 

The secret to a lump free and frothy matcha latte is to mix the tea with a little water or honey until it creates a thick green paste. Once you have your paste, slowly add your warm milk and stir it up. I find that this creates the perfect creaminess and smooth matcha beverage. 

The Perfect Matcha Latte
For one person

1 tsp organic matcha tea (I use this brand)
1 tsp honey (or maple syrup for a vegan option)
1 cup (240 ml) plant milk (I use unsweetened almond milk)

Add the matcha tea powder and honey to your favorite tea or coffee cup. Mix together until a smooth paste forms. Depending on the thickness of your honey you may need to add a few drops of milk.

Warm up one cup of plant milk in a saucepan over medium heat. Here you can also use an electric or hand whisk to create some extra frothiness. 

Once the milk is warm enough to release some steam. Remove from the heat and pour one third of the milk into your cup. Stir until the paste dissolves. Add the rest of the milk and any extra froth. 

Devour slowly while snacking on some dark chocolate, dried coconut chips or pumpkin seeds. Enjoy!

My favorite morning yoga routine

Welcome back, hope you all had a good start to the year. I just got off a call with my mom, and we spoke about how little we have done so far this year. With the cool weather outside and non-existent dinner invitations, we both agreed we have a lot more time to catch up with things, and with ourselves.

I actually love the idea of spending January a bit more quietly, allowing more time for meditation and my home practice, in comparison with a crowded gym or yoga studio. Of course, it can be energizing to team up with all those folks and see their new year resolutions in action. But yes, whether we like it or not - it will be crowded. 

January really is an excellent time to build or come back to the foundation of your practice. And where is not a better place to begin, than in the calm space of your own home? Breathe in, tune in, and find a few stretches to create more space for good things to come. 

I often do a longer practice in the afternoon or evening. That being said, I really find that a few morning stretching and breathing exercises do wonders for the day ahead. 

Today I want to share my favorite morning yoga routine with you all. I do try to fit it in almost every day. My alarm clock rings, I get out of bed and into the bathroom to put some water on my face. I then prepare a drink to rehydrate, that is sometimes as simple as filtered water, hot water with lemon or some herbal tea.

Roll out your mat yogis...

Supta Padangusthasana l

Supta Padangusthasana l - Reclined Hand to big toe pose l

1. Lie down on your yoga mat, back down
2. Stretch your arms overhead and make yourself as tall as possible
3. Relax your body and reach for your strap (belt, towel or other)
4. Bend your right knee and tie the strap around the ball of your right foot
5. Inhale and stretch your right leg up towards the ceiling
6. Flex both feet to encourage strong legs
7. Keep a microbend in the right knee
8. Use your strap to support the foot, but use your abdomen to keep both your legs strong
9. Keep breathing slowly, stay here for up to a minute

Supta Padangusthasana

Supta Padangusthasana ll - Reclined Hand to big toe pose ll

1. Exhale and slowly begin to move your right foot out to the right, and if eventually down towards the floor
2. Stay with both feet flexed
3. Place the left hand on your left thigh to encourage the left hip to stay down
4. Use the muscles of your core to move slowly
5. Rest the back of your head and both shoulders on the floor
6. Keep your neck long and relax the face
7. Stay here for up to a minute

Supta Padangusthasana lll

Supta Padangusthasana lll - Reclined Hand to big toe pose lll

1. Slowly bring your foot back up to point towards the ceiling
2. Change the strap to your left hand and press your right thumb into your hip crease to push the hip away from you
3. Slowly start to move your right foot over to the left, keeping the leg as straight as you can and adjusting the length of the strap as needed
4. Keep your hips grounded
5. Breathe and extend out through the legs
6. Take a few deep breaths here and stay up to a minute
7. Slowly bring your foot back up over the hips and bend the knee
8. Re-extend your leg down on your mat

<Repeat the sequence on the left side>


Adho Mukha Svanasana - Downward dog

1. Lying down on the floor, bend your knees into your chest and cross your ankles
2. Gently roll forward and back, placing your hands in front of your feet to come on to your hands and knees
3. With your hands slightly in front of your shoulders, slowly lift your knees off the floor
4. Send your hips up and back until you arrive in an upside down V-shape
5. Press down through the hands to lift your forearms away from the floor and to lengthen your spine
6. Feel free to keep a microbend in your knees here
7. Look between your feet and take 3 deep breaths


Downward dog with gentle twists

1. Separate your feet a little wider apart than your usual downward dog
2. Inhale and shift your weight into your left hand, exhale bring your right hand to your left shin or ankle
3. Take a few breaths here
4. If it feels okay for your neck, look under your left armpit
5. Take a few more slow breaths, inhale release the twist and bring your right hand down

<Repeat on the left side>  


Trikonasana - Triangle pose

1. Step your right foot forward, and line up your feet heel to heel
2. Ground down through your feet, place your right hand on your right shin or on the floor next to your front foot. 
3. Inhale, extend the left arm up towards the ceiling as you open the chest out to the side
4. Find length through both sides of your waist
5. Firm your thighs and keep your front knee slightly bent to protect the knee
6. Inhale and extend from your centre and out, energy flowing through the body
7. Exhale and bring both hands down to the floor and step back to downward dog

<Repeat on the left side> 

Happy practicing yogis, let me know how you feel!