Private Session (60 or 90 minutes)

Explore yoga at your own pace. Sessions can be held at your home, in a studio or in the the park (summer months only). Contact me for a free consultation to define your goals. Whether you're a beginner or have previous experience, private sessions can be a wonderful way to take your practice to the next level.

Arm Balances and Inversions (60 or 90 minutes)

Do you want to deepen your practice of arm balances and inversions? This session focuses on Bakasana (Crow pose), Sirsasana (Headstand) and Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm balance). I share the tools I myself have used to explore and incorporate these postures into my practice. Using a step-by-step approach, we build a strong foundation, working with our breath and finding energetic lifts to help us fly and balance off the ground.

Prenatal Yoga (private and small groups) (60 or 75 minutes)

Prenatal yoga adapted to your trimester and customized for you. Typically, these classes include Prenatal Sun Salutations, how to use props (bolsters, straps and blocks) to support your practice, strength and breathing practices that will prepare you for labor and delivery, yoga postures particularly beneficial to relieve tension or pain in the feet and ankles, lower back and shoulders, and plenty of restorative poses to help your release and unwind in a time characterized by so much change.

Corporate Yoga (30, 45 or 60 minutes)

Promote wellbeing at your company with yoga. Classes are customized to your needs, whether you want to offer yoga as a tool for stress-relief, increased focus, team-building & collaboration, mindfulness, breathing practices or simply be guided through an energizing flow.

Yin/Restorative  (60 or 90 Minutes)
In my Yin/Restorative classes the focus is relaxation and meditation. It's a slow practice where we hold and stay in poses much longer. In Yin we stay from 2-5 minutes in each pose. In Restorative each pose is held for 15-20 minutes and is supported by all the necessary blankets, bolsters and blocks. This practice is about doing less, less achievement and less movement. 

Pop-up yoga

Available for special events and pop-up yoga classes in SF and beyond. Please contact me with your ideas.

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Student testimonials

Nima E - July 2018
My Hatha classes with Karin have been amazing for me. She is an empathetic and all around fantastic teacher. Gives each student personal attention and instruction to help us grow. Highly recommend!

Linnea N - April 2018 (Prenatal Yoga)

In the private prenatal classes with Karin I learned how to better focus on my breath and really enjoyed getting more aware of my own body. My whole body and mind got a moment of rest and I felt a sense of peace after each class - better than massage! The classes were great because they were customized towards our stage of pregnancy, needs and wishes. Thank you so much, Karin, for all the classes and guidance, time and effort! I looked forward to every class and felt content, centered and at peace with myself afterwards.

Elsa J - May 25, 2017
Really great teacher that pays attention to details in your practice. Highly recommend!

Shira C - July, 2017 (Prenatal Yoga)
I feel so much more prepared to embark on this journey with the work we have done together. I can't thank you enough for all of your guidance and warmth. You are such a special person and a wonderful teacher, and I feel lucky to have found you!  I look forward to resuming yoga with you.

Student, Classpass - August, 2017

Love the way Karin teaches. Her cues and confidence really allow you to "lose yourself" and go deep into your practice. Her classes are both challenging and meditative :-)

Lily B - May, 2017 (Prenatal Yoga)

Helpful prenatal poses and pace that still was a workout! Lovely way of explaining and showing the movements.