Blog Series: Yoga in the Second Trimester


As I'm writing this, I'm 16 weeks pregnant which means that I have entered the second trimester. Already, I notice a huge difference in mood and energy level. 

In the first trimester I was very emotional and sensitive, I could start to cry anytime for any reason, such as by seeing my favorite childhood dish on the menu. I had bad nausea (morning, afternoon, night), I had to eat every two hours to not vomit, and I could take an afternoon nap after a night of 12 hours sleep. I barely recognized myself. Check out my post on yoga in the first trimester here

As I entered the second trimester, I noticed a steady increase in energy (I know this is common) and started to feel a bit more like myself again. Sure, I still struggle with some worry about the baby and once in a while I get overwhelmed by all the decisions facing pregnant moms and new parents, but for the most part - I'm doing a lot better.

For those of you who are also experiencing some renewed energy in the second trimester, you may enjoy returning to a flow practice. I recommend incorporating modified Sun Salutations to practice a steady breath and to build some heat in the body. If it starts to be uncomfortable to lower down all the way on your belly for Cobra pose, you could try:

1. Finding Child's pose for 3 breaths
2. Moving from Plank (exhale) to Cow pose (inhale, send the chest forward and lift the gaze) to Downward dog (exhale)
3. Moving through Upward Facing dog, if it feels comfortable
See a video example here

In addition to Sun Salutations, you may want to try some basic shoulder and hip stretches. I invite you to check out the videos below for some inspiration. The videos are sped up at least x4. Move slowly and to the pace of your breath. 


Pregnancy is an excellent time to tune in to your body. If anything feels uncomfortable back off. Listen and respect your body signals. This will be such a valuable skill both in labor and motherhood. 

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