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Impressions of Marrakech, Morocco

Some of you might remember this entry from our LA wedding in May. About 4 months later, in September this year, we made our way to Marrakech, Morocco, for our wedding party. We wanted to bring our friends and family together, for the first time, to celebrate this special event with us. I had never been to Morocco before, but thanks to my french family we found Riad Pachavana. In this riad, we could host our guests for the weekend. We arranged a simple wedding ceremony on their rooftop and danced and dined to Moroccan drums throughout the night. It was the most magical weekend of my life, the scenery, the people, the food and our hosts.

I would love to share some photos with you on some of things I came to enjoy, from Dublin airport, all the way to Marrakech and back. Here we go!


Early risings can be tough, I like to dress comfy and find a healthy treat at the airport to make it a little easier. I usually bring some homemade flapjacks or protein bars with me, and pick up something like a green juice. 


Marrakech. It is said Marrakech is called the red city because of the terracotta-coloured buildings, walls, alleys and plazas made with red clay and chalk. The light is beautifully reflected and makes the city shine.


Our first lunch. Moroccan salad selection; carrots, aubergine, pumpkin and spices. A masala with lots of cumin. 


Colorful almond pastries for dessert. 


Moroccan salad selection at Jardin Majorelle. 


My dessert of choice; sliced oranges with orange blossom water and cinnamon.


Loved seeing people interact on the street, the liveliness, the passion for handicraft; and the fruit, spices and herbs in every corner. 


The peacefulness of our riad.


The carefully selected yoga spot of the weekend; surrounded by sky, petals and flower pots.


And so it was time to be the groom and bride for the second time around this year. 


On our last day we went to a SPA to enjoy hammam, peeling and relaxation. We chose the SPA "A thousand and a night" which had this beautiful ceiling. The hammam was steaming warm, the peeling rough, and the tea in our bathrobes a real sweet treat. 

Namaste Marrakech, I can't wait to meet you again.