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Kale Mineira

This is one of my all time favourite side dishes. It's super easy to make which is a much in the tiny kitchen we have here in Madrid. It requires little washing up and only a few ingredients. First time that I was lucky enough to try it was in Brazil. We walked into one of the many pay-by-weight buffet restaurants and this turned out to be my favourite green option. In Brazil it is often made with Kale but here in Madrid I make it with chard (any collard green will work just fine). When massaged and fried in garlic and oil it becomes soft and sweet with just a a tiny touch of bitterness. Love it!

Kale Mineira
Serves 2-4

500 g of kale, chard or other bitter greens
1-2 garlic gloves
3 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper

Begin with removing the stem from the leaves. If the greens are chopped, just remove the stems one by one.

If the greens come as whole leaves, grab the bottom of each stalk and pull upwards with the other hand. The whole leaf should come right off. Place the leaves on top of each other and chop quite finely.

Wash all the leaves in a strainer and let dry before placing in a bowl. Now massage the greens with your hands for 3-5 minutes. This breaks down the cell walls and bring out a brighter green color. The greens will reduce quite a lot in size as you massage them.

Chop two small or one large clove of garlic. Heat oil in a frying pan and add the garlic.

When golden fragrant, but not brown, add all the leafy greens to the pan. Grab a wooden spoon and stir the greens in the pan for 3 minutes so that the greens become wilted.

Add some salt and pepper to the pan. Take off the heat and ready to serve! 

Kale Mineira