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Finding peace of mind on the green island

Last week I spent a few days at home with food poisoning. Huh, it is such an uncomfortable experience. Best thing with having to stay in bed for a few days is that I found some time to go through my photos archive, to read and reflect, and just relax. 

It's now over a year since we left London. And soon, we will already have spent a year in Dublin. Although Ireland is similar to England in many ways, the language, food, people, bank holidays etc, our life here is completely different. I've got more time in my day (less commuting and happenings), I feel closer to the people around me, and I get to spend more time in nature. 

Although we live in Temple Bar, which is in the very city centre, I seek out some kind of greenery every day. Whether it is on my lunch walk to the park, or on a weekend trip to the countryside, it has become an essential part of my days.

Being surrounded by nature makes me notice my breath, and pulls me back to the moment now. I encourage you all, go out in nature! Become a regular in your local park. Climb a hill and enjoy the view. Walk along the sea. Really FEEl it! Get all your senses activated. Feel all the different smells and let the breeze mess up your hair. Breathe and observe the difference. 

If you're planning on visiting Ireland, here are some of my favourite green places in central Dublin and the nearby area. 

1. Howth
Only a daytrip away, lies the Howth peninsula where you can walk on top of the cliffs with great views of the ocean. There are a few walking paths tracing around the peninsula so you can decide how far you'd like to walk. Many also come here to buy day caught fish, or visit one of the many fish restaurants in the harbor. 

It tends to get a bit crowded on weekends, but the crowds loosen up once you get further away from the first few cliffs. 


2. Dublin botanic gardens
I love the smell in glasshouses. In Dublin Botanic gardens they have three different ones, each with their own fragrance. Travel from the mediterranean, to the Amazon rainforest to the African countryside in only a few hours.  


3. Dubhlinn garden
This combined park and garden is enclosed behind Dublin Castle. It has a circular lawn in the centre, with smaller gardens in the corners. I love to relax on the open lawn, or wander around in the smaller gardens and smell the flowers. Planning to visit the nearby Chester Beatty Library and café soon. 


4. St Patrick's Cathedral
This is another great spot for a lunch time walk, looking especially beautiful at the moment with these wonderful geraniums. 


5. St Stephen's green 
Dublin's most famous Victorian park. I especially love it in the morning time, when the air is fresh and the day lies ahead.  


5. Dublin mountains (Shankill)
A day trip away from Dublin lie the Dublin mountains. Perfect for a good climb and you can soon turn around and enjoy stunning views of green fields, sea and sky. 


6. Galway
Just outside of Galway, known for its many art festivals and for being the gateway to the scenic landscapes in Connemary, we found this little beach Silverstrand. We arrived just after the rain, and it really made justice to its name. So beautiful!