New offering: Prenatal Yoga

When I first started teaching yoga I soon felt humbled by how little I knew about yoga in pregnancy. I remember this beautiful pregnant mama who came to my Hot Yoga classes and did Chaturanga like it was no big deal. In all honesty, I was simultaneously stunned and intimidated not knowing whether it was safe and how to best support her in her practice. 

One year ago I decided to dive deeper into the world of prenatal yoga. I began my Prenatal Yoga Teacher training with the mindset of “I want to learn how to better support pregnant students in my public classes”. A week later, I finished the training with a feeling of awe and respect for the female body, an appreciation for the work and changes women go through, and with a whole new understanding of the depth of pregnancy, yoga and motherhood. It was time to step out of the training-womb and into the world.

During this past year, one of my main joys in teaching yoga has been to meet mamas to help figure out how they can best adapt and optimize their practice to their pregnant bodies, while preparing for labor, birth and motherhood. I think I will always be astonished by this special connection women develop with their bodies in pregnancy, and how this intuitive wisdom is such an important and valuable aspect of motherhood.

I’m beyond excited to announce that I’m now starting to offer Private Prenatal Yoga sessions in San Francisco. You will find more information by clicking the image below:

My beautiful student Shira in Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon) at the wall.

My beautiful student Shira in Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon) at the wall.

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